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Welcome to the world of Pokemon (Guardians)!

Hello, and welcome to the website for Pokemon Guardians! Pokemon Guardians is a fan made story set in the universe of pokemon. It's been around since 2015, through many different versions.

Pokemon Guardians is a huge passion of mine! Like I said it's been around since 2015, though it was a completely different story with different versions of some of the characters. I'll spare the long and extensive history of it, but basically from 2015-2018 Pokemon Guardians was "this is my oc she's so cool and awesome and also the strongest trainer ever everyone loves her".

Pokemon Guardians is like my own personal hellscape. I do whatever I want, basically. I take whatever parts of canon I like, keep it, and then add my own characters and lore. A recipe for disaster, as I like to call it. Though, it's quite a lovely disaster.

Check out the directory if you want to learn more about how this website is structured! Or, if you want to learn more about the project, check out the about page!

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The character for May 2024 is Matsu!

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happy birthday gay people

hi guys. no site updates because yes. hiatus. or somethig. i dont know. im still stuck in the fnaf hyperfix hell and michael afton and soul are fighting in my brain sorr y. i am going to update soon, i hope. but i also have a job now. okay awesome. i dont have much to say. lazy monthly but who cares. it's pride month. let's go lesbians let's go!!! /ref

remember: basis of modern day society in pokemon guardians can be traced back to matsu being gay.

Until next time!

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obligatory website disclaimers: Pokemon Guardians is by no way afflitiated with The Pokemon Company International, Game Freak, Nintendo, or Creatures Inc. Pokemon Guardians is a fan-work and falls under fair use. I do not claim ownership of the characters, locations, etc. created by the Pokemon Company. The only things that belong to me are my characters, my artwork, and my writing. No profit is made off Pokemon Guardians.