Pokemon Guardians


At the start, there was mew. After mew came Arcues, who created lands life now lives upon. Mew created individual protectors for each of these lands. Two beings tasked with protecting over their respective lands. Mew then created two guardians of earth, tasked with protecting the planet from peril. Mew then assigned one of the protectors of land to be the protector of life. Arceus assigned human life to this new world. Several thousand years later, these lands found themselves in a territorial war. The war had begun between Kanto and Johto, but they had dragged other lands into their dispute, with the exception of Alola. The war would rage on for over a decade until a woman became the first to harness the power of legendary Pokemon. The rule of emperor's fell and gave way to a new system of leadership. The woman would become the first ever guardian of Johto, and her companions were crowned guardians of their respective regions. This became the moment in time where people and Pokemon became intertwined as we know them today. The guardians were tasked with keeping the lands in harmony, protecting their people from danger, ensuring another foolish war did not break out again. Some time after the end of the war, a child fell from the skies in Hisui. She was a gift from Arceus itself, tasked with seeking out all Pokemon. The 15-year-old created the very first Pokedex and the basis of knowledge as to which we know about Pokemon. She had opened the path for people and Pokemon living in harmony. After the an original guardian would pass on, they would be sent to another pocket of the universe known as the Spirit Realm. They would live here as overseeing beings for enternity, tasked with choosing the next guardian for their respective regions for the foreseeable future. Few centuries later, Johto's guardian would pass away, leading the first guardian of Johto to crown a new guardian.

Her name was Soul.

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