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Cleo Aria

Alias(es) Cleo Weeo (by me)
Age 15
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Pansexual
Trainer Class/Occupation Galaxy team member
Height 5'2"
DOB April 13th
Birthplace Alola? (Suggested)
Current residence The Afterworld. (Otherwise) Hisui (Legends of Hisui)
Status Alive (Legends of Hisui) Deceased (Otherwise)
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She's a laid-back goofball who does like to spend too much time worrying about legends and prophecys and whatnot. She'd rather just spend the day exploring Hisui with her pokemon by her side. Cleo is a very outgoing and curious individal. She's a trusting person, althought sometimes too trusting. She sees the best in others and believes in second chances. She can be pretty reckless as she tends to have a "no thoughts just go" personality. She's very energetic and always raring to go. She's hard-working and determined but this often leads to her not taking time to her self and being very caught up in exploring or her duties. Overall she's a goofy, light-hearted, hardworking person who loves to explore though sometimes is unaware of the seriousness of some situations.


Cleo was born... somewhere, sometime. She had forgotten those pieces of information when she fell from the rift to the Hisui reigon. In fact, she remembered hardly anything. Luckily, that included her name. When Professor Laventon discovered Cleo on the beach, she was able to tell him her name. Professor Laventon questioned her about who she was and what she was doing, as to which she had no answer. Laventon then told Cleo about the three pokemon he had. The Pokemon ran off, and Laventon requested Cleo's help. To Laventon's surprise, Cleo was able to catch each pokemon with ease. Laventon suggested Cleo come with him to Jublife village to assist in the completion of the first Pokedex. Ckeo accepted, and they arrived in Jublife Village. She was introduced to a member of the Galaxy Expedition team, Rei, and the two quickly became friends. Cleo was given quarters to stay in temporarily, and was tasked with completing a trial by the captain of the Galaxy Team, Cyllene. Cleo cleared the trial with flying colors, and was allowed into the Survey Corps. Now tasked with the completion of the pokedex, Cleo set out with her new Pokemon. An Oshawott and the Shinx she caught during the trial. She had heard of Pokemon being terrifying creatures, but her Oshawott's jolly nature and her Shinx's timid nature told her otherwise. As she was going about her business, catching Pokemon and reporting her fidnings back to Laventon, she also befriends a Ginko Guild merchant, Volo, who lends Cleo some of his knowledge. One particular day after Cleo arrives back in Jublife Village, she and Rei meet Adaman and Irida, leaders of Diamond and Pearl clan respectively. She had learned of frenzied nobles and was tasked with quelling them. However, before she went on to quell the first lord, she met with Mai of the Diamond Clan to make an offering to Wrydeer and obtain the Celestica flute. She works with Lian and Irida to quell the lord of the Obsidian fieldlands, Kleavor. After learning that balms help quell the lords, she assigned with quelling the rest of the lords alongside completing the pokedex. She befriends Arezu and invites her to become a hairdresser in Jublife village. After convincing Calaba that she can be trusted, she befriends Ursaluna as well and quells Liligant. She makes her way to the Cobalt Coastlands, where she catches a Spheal (which she dubs 'Buster') and Growlithe. She assists Iscan in catching a Dusclops and helps save a growlithe from bandits and quell the lord's offspring after he is sent into frenzy. At this point, she is becoming more popular throughout Hisui and more people seek her help, to which she accepts, due to her adventurous and kind spirit. She travels with Ingo, who like her, also came from a rift. She also meets Melli, who becomes the first person she dislikes in Hisui. She catches a Goomy in the Coronet highlands (who she dubs 'Girlboss'). After quelling Voltorb and befriending Sneasler, she goes on to the Albaster Icelands, to quell Avelugg. While in the icelands, she plays a game of chase with Sabi in order to befriend Braviary.

After quelling each of the lords, it is discovered that quelling the lords did not close the rift. In fact, Hisui seems to be in greater peril. Commander Kamado decides that anything from the rift is bad, and banishes Cleo from the Galaxy team, much to the disbelief of Cyllene, Rei, Adaman, Irida, and Laventon. Cleo is then escorted out of the village. She is allowed to rest and craft at base camps, but she is otherwise, alone. She seeks help from both Diamond and Pearl clan, but is turned away. Volo ends up coming to Cleo's aid and tells her about the red chain, which could possibly seal the rift. She partners with Adaman and completes the lake guardian's trials, allowing her to create the red chain. She journeys to the Temple of Sinnoh to seal the rift. After fighting Beni and Kamado, she attempts to seal the rift, but is stopped by the apperace of Diagla, who breaks the chain. After being challenged by Diagla, Cleo weakens him and catches him. However, a frenzied Palkia emerges from the rift, forcing Cleo to retreat and regroup. Rei and Laventon create an origin ball, and Cleo uses it to capture Palkia. After catching the two legendaries, everyone in Hisui has a festival. Cleo celebrates all night, happier than she had ever remembered being. A few days later, Cleo journeys with Volo to collect plates and catch other legendary Pokemon to help complete the Pokedex. During this time she also catches a Sylveon After Cleo and Volo collect all the plates, they journey to the Temple of Sinnoh, where Volo reveals he had been using Cleo to meet Arceus. Betrayed, Cleo battles fiercely against Volo and wins. However, Volo sends out Giritina, who Cleo barely beats. Volo gives up, gives Cleo the plate and disappears. Cleo, heartbroken by her friends betrayal, informs Laventon of the events with Giritina. She later finds Giritina in the cave of Origin and Captures him. In the weeks following Cleo's battle against Volo, she investiages a phenomenon called Massive Mass outbreaks. Cleo now spends her time investigating these outbreaks and adventuring across Hisui. Volo's betrayel still stings, but she's found close friendship in Rei, Arezu, and Adaman. It's known that Cleo has modern decesandents, but it is unsure of who.


Adaman - Best friend/Older brother figure Adaman being one of the first to warm up to Cleo after she arrived in Hisui, so Cleo naturally warmed up to him rather quickly! He's been a guide to her from very early on. Cleo looks up to him a lot, often going to him for advice on anything and everything. Cleo just thinks Adaman is awesome and is always willing to help him out. She often tries to drag him along in her wilderness expeditions and frequently brings him weird objects shes found.
Rei - Best friend Cleo would probably find herself in a lot more trouble if it weren't for Rei. Her partner in crime, in a way. Cleo thinks it's fun to bug Rei, but only because she likes spending time with him. Cleo is always willing to go on expeditions or train with Rei. Cleo has probably been saved from getting pretty severly injured quite a few times.
Volo - Former Close friend Cleo was fascinated with Volo from the moment she met him. She thought that a wandering merchant with a vast knowledge of legends was the coolest thing ever. Cleo would hang on to every word of Volo's stories which would lead her to persue her own adventures. Cleo saw Volo as a close confident she could put her trust in. This unfortuneatly proved false when Volo (under the curse of Giritina) turned on Cleo. Volo's betrayal stung Cleo and left her distraught. The two would reconcile in The Afterlife.
Melli - Arch Nemesis Cleo and Melli's beef is... very petty! Cleo didn't have a good first impression of Melli, and Melli trying to stop her from quelling the Lord Electrode definitely did not help. She doesn't like him. She thinks he's smug, arrogant, and annoying. She's constantly going out of her way to mess with him because she thinks it's funny. Melli does NOT think it's funnier, which only leads Cleo to wanting to provoke him more.
Professor Laventon - Parental Figure The first person Cleo met after falling from the sky rift. Laventon being the one to essentially provide Cleo with food and shelter, Cleo is increndibly grateful. Cleo adjusted well to her new life with the help of Laventon, someone who never lost faith in her. Cleo was dedicated to completing the first pokedex as a sort of thank you.
Iridia - Friend Cleo has a lot of respect for Irida. She admires the way she leads her clan. Often visits Irida when visiting Pearl Clan camp.
Ingo - Friend Ingo is someone who will sit and listen to someone talk, so Cleo will often just ramble to him. Cleo and Ingo often share the bits of pieces of their past lives that they can remember with each other.
Cyllene - Respects Cleo thinks Cyllene is really cool and views her as a role model. Cleo does wish Cyllene was more accepting of bug pokemon, as she wants to show her the shiny wurmple she caught.
Kamado - Mixed feelings Cleo has respect for Kamado as a leader and admires his strength. However, she is a bit intimidated by him and has a sour taste in her mouth after he was so quick to banish her from the clan after all she had done.



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