Pokemon Guardians

Crystal Stone

Alias(es) Crystal Freya Stone (Full name) Kris, Chrysalis, Little Bug (by Soul)
Age 16 (Arc 5) 18 (Arc 6)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Bisexual
Trainer Class/Occupation Pokemon Coordinator
Height 5 feet 7 inches
DOB September 19th
Birthplace Ecruteak City
Current residence Ecruteak City
Status Alive
Battle! Theme TBA


Crystal is a charming young trainer brimming with talent. Though she's a bit on the quiet side, she's very charismatic and leaves a good first impression. They're a very creative individual whose head is overflowing with ideas. Her creative nature allows her to create fascinating routines with her pokemon and costumes. She takes a little while to open up but once she does, she's a reliable partner and friend. She's not an overtly emotional person and tends to keep her worries and struggles to herself. She's also pretty reserved.


Crystal was given an eevee at the age of 5, the offspring of Soul's Vaporeon and Umbreon, and became very attached to her. Crystal, unlike her peers and siblings, never found an interest in Pokemon battling, instead, she was a performer. She liked to sing, dance, and dress up. Lisia, the niece of her father's best friend, became a close friend of Crystal and introduced Crystal to Pokemon contests and performances. Crystal was hooked instantly. She would put on mini performances in her parents living room with her eevee (and sometimes her twin siblings if they were up to it). When she turned 12, she went out with her newly evolved Sylveon and Lisia to a camp in Hoenn for aspiring performers. When she returned, she set out on a journey to gather pokemon to perform with. She raised them and trained them well. She started applying for smaller jobs in Johto, and would start performing in small commercials, local plays, and other shows with her pokemon. Soon, she had built a decent resume.

As she got older, Crystal would start traveling to the Hoenn region to perform in larger scale contests, where she became a hit. She was already known for being the daughter of Hoenn's former champion, which added to her appeal to the audience. Her pokemon were extremely well trained too. Soon, she was winning contest after contest. She would often perform alongside Lisia in the Hoenn region too. Crystal and her pokemon would quickly become in high demand for roles in musicals, shows, and commercials. Crystal became a well known figure in the media, even attracting the attention of Diantha. Around this time in her life, her younger siblings had gone out and started their pokemon journey as well. Around the age of 17, Crystal had the biggest break of her life in Kalos. Crystal was a pokemon performer chosen to attend a camp hosted by Diantha herself.

Crystal flew out to Kalos to spend the next two months preparing for the biggest contest of her life. On the first day, Diantha split the 32 trainers, including Crystal and Lisia, into pairs. Diantha was aware of Lisia and Crystal's friendship, and split the two as a challenge. Crystal was paired with a girl named Maxine. Crystal and Maxine struggled a bit at the start. Crystal's cutesy and soft style conflicted greatly with Maxine's punk style. The two had sort of a rivalry to one-up each other. As the contest neared, the two realized they needed to get their act together if they wanted a chance at winning. The two, against all odds, formed a close bond (with the help of their pokemon) and put their heads together. When the contest arrived, the two placed second, coming behind Lisia and her partner. Maxine and Crystal, who had become friends, promised to keep in touch, to which they did. Maxine and Crystal became a contest duo, and even started dating. Crystal still keeps a busy schedule with her contests, and is living the dream, with the undying support of Maxine and of course, her parents and siblings, who couldn't be more proud of her.


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Soul - Mother mama
Steven - Father sjjjjjjjk.
Ruby - Sister dsagdsgsdsdg.
Silver - Brother sWHAA.
Lisia - Best friend subsric.
Maxine - Girlfriend homo
Wallace - Non-biological Uncle sh



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