Pokemon Guardians

Janelle TBA

Alias(es) JJ (by Nemona)
Age 17
Gender Female (She/her)
Orientation Pansexual (Poly)
Trainer Class/Occupation Champion ranked
Height 5'10"
Birthplace Cabo Poco, Paldea
Current residence Mesagoza, Paldea
Status Alive
Battle! Theme CITRUS!


Janelle is an overall quirky and upbeat individual. Janelle isn't shy and conversation comes naturally to her. A very vibrant person, she is the type of person to be very expressive person and talk with her hands. With an internal drive for learning and adventure, Janelle lives a life full of excitement. There's never a dull moment in her life and she makes sure of that. Her outgoing and friendly makes her easy to get to know and she's an open-book. Janelle is that person that everyone knows to a certain extent. An eager individual, Janelle is someone who often bites off more than she can chew. Her natural drive for going out and experiencing life mixed with her desire to socialize with other people often leaves a lot on Janelle's plate, so she's always very busy. She's a very cheery person by nature, so she acts as a source of positivity to those in her life. Janelle is the kind of friend that is there to provide a good laugh when someone's upset. Passionate and inquisitive, Janelle is never afraid to try something new or learn a new skill. For this reason, she's a sort of jack-of-all trades person. Janelle enjoys the retro style and can be found wearing 80's retro style outfits whenever she's not in school uniform. Janelle has a colorful eye, as reflected in her dorm decor, which also follow a retro theming. Despite her colorful eye, Janelle is not an artist in any sense, in fact, art seems to be the one thing Janelle cannot pick up no matter how much she tries. Janelle can sometimes be absentminded and rush into things, leading her to wind up in some confusing and potentially dangerous situations. Janelle's quick thinking usually makes things work out in the end, though there's always the occasional roadbump.


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Nemona - Girlfriend gee janelle how come cobbler
Arven - Boyfriend lets you have TWO partners?
Penny - Friend hey i know someone named penny
Maxine - Cousin i got a glock in my rawrie XP