Pokemon Guardians

Matsu Kimura

Alias(es) None
Age 25 (Start of Destiny Altered) 31 (At Guardianship) 63 (at death)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Lesbian
Trainer Class/Occupation Guardian of Johto (While alive) Spirit
Height 5 foot, 7 inches
DOB October 23rd
Birthplace Ecruteak City, Johto
Current residence The spirit realm
Status Alive (destiny altered) Deceased (Arc 1)
Battle! Theme TBA


Matsu is a relatively quiet and observent individual. She isn't the biggest people person, and can be socially awkward at times. She prefers to be off in the wilderness somewhere. She enjoys exploring new ideas and concepts, and doesn't like to stick to social conformity. Outwardly, she can appear cold, but really just struggles with expresing emotions. She can be an excellent source of advice once you get to know her, and is often the voice of reason.

Matsu is revered as a wise and powerful women in Johto folklore. She is often portrayed as a quiet and independent person, with a very high intelligence. In truth, Matsu learned a lot from her companions. Matsu is associated with the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh, due to their companionship in her early years of guardianship. She is also often labelled the spirit of Johto's forests.


Matsu was born in early Ecruteak City. She was born to two herb vendors and was raised in the trade. She began working under her parents at the age of 14. When she was 24 years old, Kanto declared war on Johto. Her father would be drafted into this war. Her father would die in this war around a year later, shortly followed by her mother. Matsu fled to Alola as a stowaway after the death of her mother in an attempt to escape the war. It was here that she met Niko and Eden. She would later meet Hugo. Matsu befriended her first pokemon, a Komala, while in Alola. She would return home after spending some time in Alola. Matsu would research into pokemon spoken about in legends. She would invite Eden to stay with her and assist her in finding a certain legendary pokemon. Matsu would also meet Talon and Felix. Matsu would routinely travel back to Alola with Eden, whom she would eventually start a romantic relationship with. She would also meet Genesis at some point. While searching for the legendary pokemon, Matsu, Talon, and Genesis would befriend young prince Dorek. After learning the plan to shift the power in Kalos, they persuaded Dorek to back down from the war once he was in power. Matsu finally encountered Ho-Oh only weeks later. Matsu was given temporary power by Ho-Oh. This power was used to communicate with other legendary pokemon. Eventually, Matsu and the rest of her companions were bonded with a legendary pokemon from their region. Olen perished in a fire caused by Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh later declared Matsu the first guardian of Johto, ordering the respective legendary of each of Matsu’s companions to do the same. The war was over.


Eden - Lover TBA
Talon - Best Friend TBA
Niko - Close friend TBA
Genesis - Close friend TBA
Felix - Friend TBA
Hugo - Friend TBA
Dorek - Friend TBA
Olen - Strongly dislikes TBA
Soul - Heir TBA