Pokemon Guardians

Ruby Stone

Alias(es) Ruby Gold Stone (full name). Rubester.
Age 14 (in arc 5) 16 (arc 6)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Bisexual
Trainer Class/Occupation Pokemon Trainer
Height 5'6"
DOB June 30th
Birthplace Ecruteak City, Johto
Current residence Ecruteak City, Johto
Status Alive
Battle! Theme LINK


Ruby is a very fiery and free-spirited individual. She enjoys having fun and goofing around. She's always raring to go on a new adventure. She doesn't wanna care about stress and trouble or anything else but if something's bothering her siblings or a friend she WILL NOT hesitate to beat someone up. She's optimistic and is determined to meet her goals.

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Ruby is the third-born child of Soul and Steven Stone. Ever since she could walk, Ruby was a fireball. She always had a desire to explore, even if it meant crawling somewhere she wasn't supposed to. Ruby and her twin brother, Silver, were always inseparable. The two of them grew up side by side and both dreamed of becoming pokemon trainers. Soul wanted to give her children the best life possible, so in order to support her children's dreams, she gifted the two of them an eevee on their sixth birthday, the offspring of her Vaporeon and Umbreon. Ruby's desire to explore the world led her to want to pursue Alola's island challenge. After her 12th birthday, Ruby and Silver set out on a trip to Alola.

Ruby's energetic personality flowed into her battle style as she connected with her pokemon. It would be in Alola that she evolved her eevee into a flareon. Ruby would spend the next 3 years traveling between Johto and Alola to hang out with her family and do the island challenge. She would catch and train pokemon that matched her energy, allowing her to have great chemistry in battle. However, her twin brother would always be one step ahead of her in battle skill. Ruby didn't mind, however, and just focused on having fun. Ruby felt that she enjoyed traveling alongside her closest companions rather than being the best. After three years of going back and forth, Ruby and Silver would complete the island challenge and would head home. She would spend the next year at home in Johto with her family before she would head off to Galar with her brother on her next adventure.


Siver Stone - Twin brother Ruby and Silver are considered the golden duo of the Pokemon Guardians Universe. They share a braincell and are rarely if ever seen apart. Ruby is the more energetic and outgoing of the two. She's typically the one to think up bad ideas and gets Silver to go along with it. Her firey personality creates a perfect contrast with Silver's more mellow personality. She's Silver's closest confidant and knows practically every small detail about her brother. She loves him dearly and he's like her other half. While she has a dynamic and vibrant personality on her own, she's never truly "Ruby" without him. The two are partners in crime, for life. She's the less skilled trainer out of the two, which causes her to harbor a little jealousy, but for the most part she admires him. She also loves to poke fun at him, typical for siblings.
Crystal - Older sister Crystal is sort of a mentor figure for Ruby. Ruby sees her as the more rational sibling, which is true. Ruby appreciates Crystal's company deeply and Crystal is a huge comforting presence in her life. Despite the age difference being roughly two years, Ruby views her sister as a sort of role model, even if Ruby secretly wishes Crystal would be a little more easy-going at times. Ruby often looks to Crystal for advice on creating cute outfits.
Soul - Mother Ruby ADORES her mother. Soul is a huge role model for Ruby and she admires her mother greatly. Soul's energy and determination as well as her spunky personality is a huge source of inspiration for Ruby. As such, Ruby shares a very close bond with her mother. Ruby is often said to reflect her mother's personality, especially from when she was younger. Ruby's zest for life is heavily encouraged and nurtured by Soul. Ruby really enjoys spending time with her mother and going on adventures together.
Steven - Father vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Irie - Grandmother vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Joseph - Grandfather vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Wallace - Uncle figure vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Gold - Uncle figure vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Lisia - "honoary cousin" vdvdavdajvnajdsv
Maxine - Friend/Crystal's gf vdvdavdajvnajdsv