Pokemon Guardians

Silver Okamoto

Alias(es) emo boy (by Gold and Soul)
Age 12 (arc 1) 15 (arc 2) 20 (start of arc 3) 22 (at death)
Gender Male (He/Him)
Orientation Bisexual
Trainer Class/Occupation Blank
Height 5'7"
DOB December 24th
Birthplace Unknown
Current residence Ecruteak City, Johto
Status Alive (Arcs 1, 2, start of arc 3). Deceased (Arc 3)
Battle! Theme LINK


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Silver was a friend of Soul and a minor protagonist of Pokemon Guardians. He was active from the beginning of the story and traveled with Soul and Gold through the gym challenge before being stopped abruptly by Soul's guardianship. He eventually continued the gym challenge with Gold later.


While the exact identity of Silver's biological parents are unknown, what is known is that he was given up for adoption at a very young age and is of Johtoian origin. He was, luckily adopted by two loving parents at the age of 3. His adoptive mother was infertile which led to her and her husband to want to adopt a child. He moved into his new house in Ecruteak city where he met Soul and eventually, Gold. The three would be an inseparable friend group. When they were 12, they decided to take on the gym challenge together. They would spend their time travelling throughout the Johto region taking on gym leaders and other trainers, while taking breaks in between. When Silver was 15, he had collected 6 gym badges. His journey was stopped abruptly by Soul's Guardianship. He would soon continue his journey with Gold later on.

He would later travel to the Hoenn region with Gold to take on the gym challenge there. Here, he found a pokemon egg which he sent to Soul since she was unable to tag along. It was in Hoenn that Silver met Wallace, a trainer his age. After completing the gym challenge, Silver headed back to Johto for good.

Silver would pursue studies to work for the Pokemon League while also assisting Soul in her duties. He would also start dating Gold.

During the events of the Ecruteak City Fire, Silver was one of the many at the front of assisting evacuations. While he when to retrieve a child from a structure, he became trapped. Part of the structure fell on top of him. He was unable to be rescued from the burning wreck and he unfourtanetly perished in the fire. It was later discovered that Lapis deliberately caused the structure to collapse on top of him.

Silver was honored in the Ecruteak Fire memorial as a hero. Soul's only son would later be named after him.


Soul - Childhood best friend peach... you're so cool...
Gold - Childhood best friend/former boyfriend and with my star we're gonna rule...
Mom - adoptive mother it's like corky
Dad - adoptive father owowowowo
Wallace - Friend owowowowo
Steven - Friend owowowowo