Pokemon Guardians

Soul Stone

Alias(es) Soul Monroe (maiden name)
Age 12 (arc 1) 15 (arc 2) 21 (arc 3) 30s (arc 4) 44 (arc 5)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Demisexual
Trainer Class/Occupation Guardian of Johto
Height 5'8"
DOB January 18th
Birthplace Ecruteak City, Johto
Current residence Ecruteak City, Johto
Status Alive
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Soul has a very spunky personality and a witty sense of humor. She's relatively free-spirited and does things on her own accord. She's a very determined and active individual, though can be reckless. She is known for procrastinating on work at times. She can be closed off and distrusting of other people, taking time to warm up. However, she's very devoted and loyal to those she cares about. She tries not to show any form of struggle to other people, and dislikes others trying to help her, preferring to take care of things herself. She is quite frequently under a lot of stress, though tries to make the best of it. She is infamous for having a wicked sweet tooth. Soul also enjoys the outdoors and being active. Soul tends to suffer from frequent insomnia.


Soul was born to Irie and Damon Monroe on January 18 in Ecruteak City. Damon ended up leaving Irie and Soul when Soul was only 2, leaving Irie to raise Soul on her own. Irie ended up raising Soul well and Soul takes after her mother greatly. Due to Damon leaving, Soul never had any siblings. Instead, she ended up bonding closely with two boys her age, Gold and Silver. Ever since she was very Soul had a spunky personality. This lead her to be either really well liked by her peers, or not very well liked. Soul was gifted an eevee by her mother when she was four years old and ever since then, Soul wanted to be a pokemon trainer. She also enjoyed the pokeathleon, and wanted to become an athlete too. That's why when she turned 12, she set out on a journey with Gold, Silver, and her newly evolved Vaporeon. Their journey went well, and they managed to collect 5 badges together by the time they were 15. Their journey was slow based, due to them also just living out their lives and being teens in between. Shortly after Soul had turned 15, the reigning guardian of Johto passed away suddenly. This sent shockwaves throughout the Johto reigon, but didn't greatly impact Soul until 3 days after the guardians death when she was contacted by Kimono girls that Soul was needed urgently back in Ecruteak City. Her mother also frantically contacted her regarding the situation. She was arranged to arrive in a high security vehicle. Soul was very confused and quite frankly not thrilled about the whole ordeal, but she came anyways. Soul had suspected what was happening, but pushed it aside, since she was only 15 at the time and it was impossible for someone like her to become crowned. Nonetheless, the impossible became possible and Soul was crowned the newest guardian of Johto. There were mixed opinions about her guardianship. Some sides trusted Matsu's judgement, while others were outraged about such a young girl being crowned. Soul learned not to pay much mind to this, as she'd come to face a lot of this. A few days later Soul would her attend her first guardians confrence, a high security meeting between region's guardians. The other guardians were older and seemed doubtful Soul was prepared for the task. The guardians of Hoenn and Kanto took Soul under their wing however.

Soul's first years as guardian went rather smoothly with the assistance of the kimono girls and Gold and Silver. During her first two years of guardianship, a new champion was crowned in Hoenn. Silver hadn't seen a champion coronation before and wanted to go, and Soul tagged along. The fact that the guardian of Johto was in Hoenn for a champion coronation sparked a lot of buzz, no matter how many times she had to tell the media that it was Silver's idea and not hers. She ended up meeting the new Champion, Steven Stone, who was only a year older than her. She didn't like him very much due to his "pretty rich boy" status, but this would not be the last time she would encounter him. As the years continued, she'd develop into a young adult full of personality. Her ability in her position gained her a lot of respect, especially in her region. Despite the people that were still against her being guardian, Soul learned to ignore them. Soul also developed unhealthy habits, such as hiding all her stress from even her closets friends and burying whatever was bothering her deep down. She also formed a horrible sleeping schedule. Shortly before Steven was made champion, Gold and Silver travelled to Hoenn (where Silver found an Absol egg which he gave to Soul), and the two would travel again, where Gold would befriend water type gym leader, Wallace, who was also around their age. Soul would get to meet Wallace, who she later learned to be Steven's best friend. She would end up seeing a lot more of Steven because of this, especially when she had to travel to Hoenn for her duties. Poor Steven somehow gained an attraction towards the firey Soul. Soul also gained feelings towards him, much to her displeasure. She later came to terms with this attraction due to her buried jealousy of Silver and Gold, who had started dating. Steven would ask her out eventually, to which Soul accepted. She and Steven agreed to keep it low-profile.

As Soul entered her twenties, the stress and pressure of being guardian only increased. As she grew older, more was expected of her. Her duties increased as jobs that were done mostly with the assistance of the kimono girls as a teen were now done entirely by herself. Still, she kept a good public image and managed to spend time doing things she liked, such as pokemon battling. Soul never had to deal with many major issues, which lead to some backlash regarding of whether or not she could handle a major issue. This question would soon be answered, with a spirit's reawakening into the mortal world. Lapis, the sole human victim of the burning of brass tower, became the first spirit to break from the spirit world and enter the mortal world. She was enraged. One night in spring, Ecruteak City went up in flames. Soul, in a panic, summoned the 3 legendary beasts, and ordered an evacuation through the city. Soul, Gold, and Silver as well as the Kimono girls all assisted with the evacuation. During the evacuation, Silver entered a building to grab a child out of it. While Suicune put out the flames, a pillar fell, trapping Silver. The child managed to escape, but Silver became trapped under the pillar, which ignited again due to Lapis. Soul watched in shock as she lost her friend, but was forced to continue with the evacuation. The process was sped up after emergency services arrived. An Emergency Alert was sent out throughout Johto and the news story was being broadcast on news stations, attracting the attention of Steven Stone, who would fly out to Johto as soon as he could. Back in Johto, when Soul and Gold reunited, Soul broke the news to Gold. Silver had died. The two shared a brief moment, before Soul had to make a statement to her region about the tragedy. She would spend the next few days tending to the residents of Ecruteak City and investigating the damage done by the fire. It was discovered that there was 7 other victims besides Silver. Steven also managed to arrive in Johto. Soul, who was still processing everything, lashed out at Steven's attempts to help. She felt greatly pained afterwards, but Steven understood she had just lost her closest companion. The night Steven arrived, Soul journeyed to the Tin Tower to have a meeting with Matsu. During her brief meeting inside the spirit realm, Matsu revealed Lapis's motivations, as well as her reasoning for making Soul guardian. Matsu assured Soul that she could make things right. Before Soul left, Matsu also assured her that Silver would be okay. In the early hours of the next morning, Soul left her house without telling Gold and Steven what she was to do, and summoned Lugia and Ho-Oh. Lapis, being summoned due to the presence of Ho-Oh, arrived at the Tin Tower. Lapis, after being defeated by Lugia, was banished to The Endless Paths by Ho-Oh.

That next morning Soul made a speech telling of Lapis's story to the world, and the sins she had committed. She also founded the Johto Recovery Corp for any future disaster and started to rebuild Ecruteak city. She created a memorial for the lives lost in the fire and created graves for the individuals lost despite not having anything to bury. After the fire of Ecruteak City, Soul struggled, greatly. She enlisted in counseling for her trauma. She would often have nightmares. She spent a lot of time with Gold and Steven. She tried to help Steven out as much as she could with his problems with his dad, and in return Steven would help her. Gold and Wallace eventually became very close.

Steven and Soul also grew closer and Soul invited Steven to stay in her spare bedroom as he prepared to leave Hoenn and retire and found the first geology center in Johto. The two eventually got married, and Gold and Wallace followed shortly after. Wallace himself would become Blackthorn city's gym leader after Clair became a member of the elite four. After Steven and Soul got married, they spent a few years to themselves, building each other up. Eventually the two had children. Crystal was the first child born to the pair. Soul herself didn't want to have more than two children, but those plans were changed after it was revealed Soul was expecting twins, Silver and Ruby, the former being named after her deceased friend. She made sure to raise the three with love and give them the best life possible. She gifted each an eevee descended from her vaporeon. She wants the best for her kids. She helps them with their goals and gives them advice. Guardian work still stresses her out and she never really fixed that sleeping schedule, but otherwise she's doing great. She's so proud of how far her kiddos have come. She knows the world isn't done with her yet, but she'll be ready for whatever comes her way.


Steven - Husband Soul is deeply in love with Steven. He is her closest companion and her everything. She truly adores everything about him, his quirks, his flaws, everything. Steven has always been a source of support whenever Soul needed it and for that she's forever grateful. She can't imagine life without him.
Irie - Mother Soul and her mother have a tight-knit bond. Irie ultimately raised Soul as a single mother and has been her biggest supporter through her whole life. Soul is incredibly fond of her mother and trusts her with her life.
Silver - Late childhood friend Soul's best friend from early childhood up until his death. The two were practically inseperable. Soul's spunky demeanor was enough to pierce through Silver's thick walls. Soul trusted Silver immensely, often trusting his judgement over the judgement of her own advisors. Soul felt like Silver was the one person that truly understood her in a way. The two were like siblings that would bicker back and forth with each other. Silver's tragic death left Soul absolutely devestated. Soul ultimately blamed herself for Silver's death and it took years for her recover and to to accept that it was out of her control. She misses her best friend dearly and visits his grave site regularly.
Gold - Childhood friend Soul became friends with Gold early in her childhood and have remained friends since.
Crystal - Daughter please my joints
Silver Stone - Son not dead
Ruby - Daughter fortnite.
Wallace - Friend does he listen to weezer?
Damon - Father Father by the front bottoms
Lapis - ??? sfaf.
Matsu - ??? girl huh
Joseph - Father-in-law j



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