Pokemon Guardians

Steven Stone

Alias(es) Stevie
Age 17 (Arc 2) 22 (Arc 3) 30s (Arc 4) 45 (Arc 5)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Trainer Class/Occupation Hoenn Champion (Formerly) Devon Corp President (Temporary, Former) Johto Center for Geology Founder
Height 5'6"
DOB March 31st
Birthplace Slateport City, Hoenn
Current residence Ecruteak City, Johto
Status Alive
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Steven Stone is a major character in the Pokemon Guardians universe who was first introduced in the second arc and has appeared since. Similar to his canon counterpart, he serves as the champion of Hoenn until his eventual retirement in the middle of Arc 3, where he briefly serves as the president of Devon Corp., before stepping down and founding The Johto Center for Geology in Arc 4.


Steven Joseph Stone was born on March 31st to Joseph and Freya Stone in Rustboro City. He was born into wealth, so his life was predicted to be easy and a smooth road. However, his mother had suffered from health problems following his birth, and was never fully healthy. His mother showered her son in love and attention and raised him the best she can until her eventual passing 4 years after Steven's birth. From then on he was raised by his father. His father was hit hard by the passing of his wife, and started devoting more of his life to work. Steven often followed his father to the office, and spent time there. During the time he spent at his father's office, he found his love for geology. He would read books he found at his father's library, and would borrow some from the library nearby. His father would often buy him geology sets to keep him occupied, but otherwise didn't really have a strong bond with his son. Steven had made some friends with children of his father's co-workers, but he never really had any close companions. This would change at the age of 12 when Steven set out on his pokemon journey, with a beldum he got with his father, and an Aron he caught later. Steven would meet a boy his age named Wallace, and the two would quickly become close friends. The two travelled together and battled the gym leaders. Steven's journey was a little slow paced, due to being called back by his father to assist in his company. Steven gained all eight gym badges at the age of 16. At this age, Steven dated his first girlfriend, Portia. In between pauses where he was called back to assist his father, Steven would participate in intense training, strengthening his Pokémon. When he was 17, Steven challenged the elite four and champion, and won, making him Hoenn's newest champion.

During his championship ceremony, he is introduced to Soul, who had wanted to attend a championship ceremony. Soul is not impressed with Steven, due to his rich background and gentleman personality, which she assumed was a façade. Edme, the guardian of Hoenn, told Steven not to worry that much about it. Afterwards, Steven spent his first year of being champion strongly defending his title and helping the Devon Corporation. His childhood best friend Wallace would introduce him to two people, Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver were travelling through the Hoenn region and collecting gym badges, and Gold had befriended Wallace. Steven hung out with the three every now and then in the middle of his champion duties and working for his dad's company. Eventually, it would be revealed that Gold and Silver were the childhood friends of Soul after Soul decided to tag along to Hoenn. Soul and Steven had some slight conflict, but eventually the two learned to tolerate each other with the help of their chilhood friends and Edme. Steven and Portia would also experience conflict, as it became evident that she was using his appearance and wealth. After much pestering from Wallace, Steven broke up with Portia, feeling ultimately heartbroken and betrayed. As Steven entered adulthood, his relationship with his father became more strained as he wanted Steven to take on more duties for the Devon Corp., despite Steven's protesting. He would also spend more time with Wallace, Gold, and Soul. He would soon find that he had developed feelings for her. He would put those feelings to the side to start, since realistically in his mind, he would never be able to pursue a relationship with her. Soul eventually reciprocated these feelings, leading to Steven asking her out. The two agreed to keep the relationship lowkey, to prevent attention from the media and to go about their lives.

Steven would continue with his championship duties, but his relationship with his father became even more strained. His father wanted him to take over the company, which Steven expressed multiple times that he did not wish to do so. This lead to frequent conflict with his father to the point he moved out to his own house in Mossdeep away from his father. During this period Soul would visit more frequently, though only for a few days at a time. Steven kept his champion duties for some years, which came with increasing pressure from his father to retire and take over the Devon Corperation. He and Soul got increasingly closer through this time, as the two would often vent to each other. Steven was minding his business one day when an emergency news cast was aired, declaring a state of emergency in Johto. Using his status as champion and connection with Edme, he promptly flew out to Johto to meet up with Soul and assist with the aftermath. Soul was initially not pleased with Steven, retaliating at him. Steven was hurt, but understood the grief and pain Soul was going through. Soul did allow Steven however to stay in the guest room of her house. Steven stayed after the aftermath of the event to assist with recovery efforts but was called back to Hoenn a few days later. He and Soul grew extremely close following the event and Silver's passing. Steven, wanting to pursue his dreams of founding his own geology company and being closer to Soul, he retired from Champion at the age of 24, and moved to Johto. He moved in with Soul, but stayed in her guest room for a few months. He went to found his geology company, The Geology Foundation of Johto, based in Ecruteak City. He would later propose to Soul, and the two would be married. They moved into a new house shortly after their wedding. His father never really approved of his son's relationship, but Steven learned not to care. Three years after he got married, on September 19th, his first child would be born. She would be named Crystal, inspired by his love of stones and crystals, and her middle name would be Freya, after his mother. Two years later, his other two children would be born, named Ruby and Silver. He currently resides in Ecruteak City with his family, and works as the president for his geology company.


Soul - Wife Steven is utterly devoted to Soul. He is deeply in love with her and cherishes having her in his life. He is incredibly attuned to her feelings and emotions and knows her on a deep and personal level. He admires her strength and resilience. She has been his rock throughout their whole relationship and she truly is the light of his life.
Wallace - Childhood best friend. Wallace has been by Steven's side through thick and thin. From adolescent drama to first love and beyond, Wallace has been there through it all. Steven is incredibly close to Wallace and appreciates his zest for life and the way that he views the world's beauty. Steven values the advice he recieves from Wallace and can trust him with his life. They are constantly keeping each other updated on their lives.
Joseph - Father Steven's relationship with Joseph was strained from the start. Joseph was often busy with work, so he didn't spend much time connecting with his son. Steven was aware of his father's expectations of him ever since he was young. Steven dealt with the pressure of being the perfect golden child and his own wants and passions. He never wanted to inherit his father's company, despite the constant pressuring. Steven felt like no matter how hard he tried, he could never fit into the mold his father envisioned for him. Their difference of opinions and ideals continue to cause a rift between them throughout Steven's adulthood.
Crystal - Daughter Crystal is Steven's first born daughter and his treasure. Steven adores Crystal with all her heart. He made sure to be a present figure in her life growing up so she never had to expierience the lack of a father figure. Steven is incredibly proud of how Crystal's grown. Though Steven adores his kids all the same, he has a special bond with Crystal due to her being the spitting image of him. He is extremely supportive of Crystal's dreams and goals and wants her to be able to achieve everything she'd ever want.
Silver - Son Silver is Steven's only son. Steven has always been attentive to how Silver was feeling due to his conflict with his own father. Steven wanted to make sure Silver never felt pressured to be overexecptional due to his parent's status like Steven had. Steven is very supportive of Silver's individuality and encourages him to do whatever makes him happy. Steven is fond of seeing his own nerdiness reflected in Silver. Stevne is instinctively more protective towards Silver due to Silver being a rather clingy infant. Steven couldn't be prouder of Silver and loves him with all his heart and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
Ruby - Daughter Silver's twin sister warms Steven's heart. He is in awe of Ruby's confidence and vibrant personality. Ruby never fails to bring a smile to his face and is truly reminded of life's blessings when around Ruby. Watching Ruby grow has been a pleasure to Steven and full of sacred memories. He loves watching Ruby in her day-to-day ventures, seeing his wife's younger personality reflected in their daughter. He knows that Ruby has big dreams just he had when he was her age and he is determined to ensure Ruby achieves them.
Freya - Late mother Due to Freya passing when Steven was only four years old, his memories of her are very scarce and bare-boned. Steven recalls Freya as a warm and comforting presence that always made Steven feeled loved and protected. The loss of his mother left a stain on Steven's childhood and he often wondered what it would be like if his mother was still around. She felt certain that his mother would love and cherish him for who he was, unlike his father. He thinks of his mother very fondly and wishes she had gotten the chance to raise him and meet his eventual children.
Gold - Friend Steven and Gold have a much more casual friendship. Steven doesn't need to communicate often with Gold to maintain their friendship with Gold and seems the feeling is mutual on Gold's side. Steven enjoys Gold's presence and is always willing to provide support, but he is stisifed with his simple relationship with Gold.
Lisia - Non-biological Niece Steven has a special place in his heart for Lisia. Lisia being the biological niece of Wallace naturally grew up with Steven always around. Steven has seen her grow up and adores her as much as if she was his actual niece. He often was on babysitting when Lisia's mother Mabel and Wallace were both busy. He cherishes Lisia's close bond with his own daugther, Crystal.
Irie - Mother-in-law Irie is a source of energy in Steven's life. Growing out without his mother and with his father constantly busy, Steven lacked a parental figure. Steven is especially fond of Irie and finds her to be a wonderful mother and an inspiration. He is in awe of Irie's strength in resilince throughout the hardships she's endured. He views her as the maternal figure he had lacked growing up and often comes to her for life advice. He sees the way Irie acts with his own kiddos and couldn't ask for a better grandmother to his children. He wishes Irie could've gotten to know his own mother.
Mabel - Sister figure Mabel is Wallace's older sister. Steven often spent a lot of time with Wallace's family whenever his father would be away. Steven was a timid and shy child, and Mabel took note of this. Mabel was always looking out for him and he was extremely grateful for that. He thinks of Mabel like a sister to him. Steven gave Mabel the honorary role as Aunt to his kids.
Margaret - Maternal Figure Margaret was an elderly maid that lived in the Stone Mansion. She often cared for Steven whenever his father was busy. Steven was especially close to Margaret and often spent time with her by assisting with household chores. Steven would often go to Margaret for peace of mind and she stepped into the position of mother that Steven so desperately needed. Margaret was always a source of comfort and advice that Steven treasured. Despite growing up and moving out of region, Steven kept in contact with Margaret until her eventual passing. Her passing left a hole in Steven's heart, but is he forever grateful for all she did for him and is glad she got to live a long, fulfilling life.