Pokemon Guardians


status update: do u ever feel like a plastic bag (June 12th, 2024, 7:01 PM.)

welcome to my personal corner of the site! this is where I just... kinda put anything I want. this page is a hot mess so feel free to jump around. im always adding silly stuff to this page so feel free to check back often!

obligatory about me section

this is me. i am a shiny vaporeon who is also the webmaster of this site.

(well. not really. but i can pretend that i'm a shiny vaporeon who kind of knows how to build websites because this is the internet.)

my name is cobbler! i'm 19 years old and i've been a fan of pokemon for 10 of those years. I use they/she pronouns and I'm an asexual lesbian. silly things to note about me are that my favorite color is pink despite this entire website being blue themed (unless for halloween or christmas), my favorite animal is the killer whale (im very normal about them you should ask me), my favorite music artist is mitski, and i'm disabled! i have autism and chronic fatigue syndrome. i simply like to say that im built different. despite all the nonsense going on i am literally just some guy. i am allowed 1 coherent thought an hour.

i had some cool ideas as to what to put on this page but they're currently a jumbled mess... adhd momence.

arizona rn