Pokemon Guardians

Eden Kainoa

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Alias(es) None
Age 21 (Start of Destiny Altered) 27 (Guardianship) 74 (at death)
Gender Female (She/Her)
Orientation Lesbian
Trainer Class/Occupation Guardian of Alola (formerly) Spirit
Height 5'4"
DOB January 19th
Birthplace Malie City, Alola
Current residence The Spirit Realm
Status Alive (Destiny Altered) Deceased (Otherwise)
Battle! Theme TBD


Eden is a very warm and soft person. She isn't confrontational in the slightest, and is a lover rather than a fighter. She has a very peaceful nature and believes all people pokemon are inherently good. Her mellow and down to earth personality makes it easy for Eden to get along with most types of people. She has a huge green thumb and has her own garden in her yard that she tends to daily. Eden isn't much of a physical person and enjoys lounging around. She is rather sleepy by nature and tends to nod off frequently. Eden loves tea and creating her own herbal teas.


Eden's story is currently being revamped. Please wait warmly!

Eden was born in what is now known as Konikoni city to her two parents. Her parents ran a small stand that focused on selling a variety of uncommon goods. Eden in her early childhood was a reserved and polite child, being soft spoken and clinging to her parents. She was never interested in her parents buisness, and preferred to spend her days out in nature. As she got older, she was slow to come out of her shell. A very cautious individual, Eden preferred to take things at her own pace, often lagging behind the other village kids. Eden's parents were very patient, understanding that their child would emerge from her shell in her own time. Indeed, this assuption was proven correct, as by the time Eden was entering her tween years, she was creating floral arrangements for her parents to sell at the stand. Eden had a strong connection to the world around her. She would spend a lot of her time in her tweens and teens out in nature, observing the plant and pokemon life around her. It was all the time spent away from the hustle and bustle of the town that Eden developed her zen and "go with the flow" outlook on life. As she entered her late teens, Eden had the itch to pursue her own ventures, so she left the town and moved into an up and coming settlement that would later be known as Malie City.

Eden bought a small house in her new settlement and quickly found her place in the community. She assisted in a lot of the development of the new town, this alongside her soft demeanor making her a well known individual to the residents. She made a living helping with the town's development as well as selling handmade goods. During this time, Eden never lost her affinity for nature, spending a lot of her free time near the ocean or other uninhabitated areas. Eden's constant presence in the areas surronding the settlement attracted the attention of the Pokemon that lived there. Notably,one particular trapinch seemed to develop an interest in Eden, frequently coming to visit her whenever she was in the area. The trapinch followed Eden home one day, being perfectly content to stay there as long as it was provided with food.

A few years after settling into her new home, Eden's life took a turn she couldn't have possibly expected. One seemingly uneventful evening as Eden was napping under a tree, she would encounter an unfamiliar face who she would later learn was Matsu, a stowaway from Johto. Eden would encounter Matsu again the next day along with a boy from Hisui named Niko. After learning the two's predicement, Eden would invite the two to stay at her place, an offer that would lead to an interesting chain of events. Only days later, Eden's home would have another resident, an injured war veteran named Hugo. Eden didn't know it yet, but she had just become part of something far greater. Matsu would eventually leave Eden's residence and head back to Johto, but not without becoming Eden's penpal, as the two had become pretty close during their period of living together.

A few writing back and forth with Matsu, Eden would suddenly receive a surprising proposition. Matsu had invited her to stay with her in Johto, her only explanation being that she needed Eden's help and needed to see her in person. Intruiged, Eden set out to Johto, where she would meet up with Matsu once more. She would also meet two young men named Talon and Felix respectively. Eden would be informed of a plan to seek out legendary pokemon in order to forcibly put a stop to the war between Johto and Kanto that had been ongoing for a little over a decade. Eden is skeptical, but eventually agrees to partcipate after a bit of nudging from Matsu.


Matsu - Lover my god!! these bitches gay!! good for them
Genesis - Mentor Figure oh the misery
Hugo - Close friend his name is literally hugo
Dorek - Little brother figure oh poor dorek
Niko - Friend my joints hurt girl
Felix - Friend the land is inhospitable and so are we STREAM IT
Talon - Friend nya nya